In X Monster, "tokens" come in two varieties:

1. $DXM

The utility coin $DXM is mostly utilized in X Monster. $DXM is employed in:

  • Purchase monster eggs.

  • Acquire Potion to raise your pet's level.

  • Trade on exchanges like DEXs or CEXs

The sole method to obtain $DXM is to borrow it by making an $ETH-ARB deposit. Check the borrow/repay function.

  1. Potion

Potion is money that is saved off-chain. Potion is used to upgrade pet levels (your pet level must be at least level N to begin PVP or idle earn; N is changed to match the parameters of inflation and deflation).

There are two methods to obtain Potion:

  • Send DXM to address zero (0x0000) to burn DXM then the our system will automatically adds Potion to your address. Both manual burning and in-game user interface are options.

  • Complete daily tasks (mostly X/Twitter tasks)

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