Monster character/rarity

After buying Monster Egg, you will receive a random character/rarity within 1~3 minutes.

5 characters are present:

  • Ryo (20%)

  • Hora (20%)

  • Malleus (20%)

  • Rone (20%)

  • Vento (20%)

And 4 different rarities

  • Common (50%)

  • Rare (30%)

  • Epic (15%)

  • Legendary (5%)

Take note that the chance of receiving a pet is indicated by the percentage (x%). To be explicit, 20% is the rate at which you can open Ryo, and 5% is the chance that this Ryo will have Legendary.

What's differences?

Characters in X Monster are the same, however rarity will have variances. Legendary Monsters will earn more in idle time than Common Monsters will within the same time frame. PvE: Legendary Monsters have more attack strength and need less energy to assault NPCs than Common Monsters.

Important note: carry at least one Legendary Monster in your bag—they're awesome!

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