Monster Egg

To start playing X Monster, you require, of course, Monsters.

Monsters can be had in a variety of ways:

  • Participate in our giveaway events: We will hold several giveaway competitions to provide lucky users with monster eggs (random rarity/character Monsters) in an effort to increase the number of large-base Arbitrum users.

  • Use DXM to purchase Egg: The simplest method to have Monster is this. Prior to going to the store to purchase Egg, you must first have DXM in your wallet.

(The price of eggs is not set, it's depending on the inflation/deflation process but make sure the early purchasers always buy at a lesser price than later customers)

The random Monster (random rarity and character) will be instantly added to your wallet when you purchase Eggs. Nothing needs to be done on your part.

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